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Dance, music and painting are the three fundamental pillars of my life.
My dance roots lie in Balkan folklore.
Today my main focus is Greek Dance and Salsa.

Barbara Daling

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Barbara Daling

Painter, illustrator

Barbara Daling was born in 08/11/1953 in Dortmund. In 1976 she graduated from the professional school of graphic design at Muenster. Afterwards she worked as a freelance designer, book illustrator and painter. She is well known for her surrealistic wallpaintings. Barbara exhibits in Germany and abroad in major exhibitions. She derives many of her themes from the Orient and from Crete.

She lives in Crete (Greece) and Germany and is an experienced masseur in singing bowls and in Reiki. She danced Balkan Folklore and also Oriental dances for many years. Since 2005 she fell in love with Salsa and her favourite dance teacher is John Tsimbidis.

"Barbara Daling's work is inspired by symbols; she uses the basic symbols of the Minoan civilization as well as from even older cultures in her highly inspirational work. Her paintings transmit emotion and spirituality, her iconic language means to represent a facet of human emotion as she confronts us with painted mythological creatures and scenes from the subconscious mind. The conciseness of her work leaves us free to concentrate on the very essence of her art. Barbara's energy speaks through her work, allowing the viewer a taste of the artist's personal sacred experience. She expresses herself with a gamma of beautiful colours in a simple but technically perfect way, while presenting us with artwork of a very creative and original composition. Her art is very attractive and personally I feel privileged to know the artist and to own some of her work."
Ellen Weijers-Gigourtakis (Graphic artist, photographer).

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